Research Positions

Year Research Positions
2001 -- Air2Web, a wireless platform company
2002 -- BroadJump, a broadband technology company
2002 -- Kruti Dance Academy
1999 -- Associate Editor, International Journal of Agile Manufacturing
1998 Guest Editor, Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing
1998 Guest Editor, Computer-Aided Design, Elsevier Publishers
1997 -- Associate Editor, International Journal of Shape Modeling, World Scientific Publishing
1996 -- Editorial Board, International Journal of Manufacturing Engineering
Conference Chairs
1999 Conference Co-Chair, Computer Graphics International, Canada
1999 Program Committee Chair, 4th ASME Design for Manufacturing Conference
1998 Conference Chair, 3rd ASME Design for Manufacturing Conference, Design Engineering and Technical Conference Atlanta, Georgia
1997 Program Chair, 2nd ASME Design for Manufacturing Conference, San Jose, California
1997 Course Chair, Implicit Modeling Techniques Course, IEEE International Conference on Shape Modeling and Applications, Aizu-Wakamatsu, Fukushima, Japan
1996 Course Chair, Implicit Surfaces for Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling Course, ACM SIGGRAPH'96, New Orleans
1996 Area Chair, 1st ASME Design for Manufacturing Conference, Irvine, California
Conference Program Committee
2000 IEEE/GMS Geometric Modeling and Processing 2000, Hong Kong
1999 ACM Conference on Solid Modeling, Michigan
1999 IEEE Conference on Shape Modeling and Applications, Aizu-Wakamatsy, Japan
1999 IFIP International Conference on Visual Computing, Bangalore, India
1999 32nd ISATA on Automotive and Transportation, Vienna, Austria
1998 Automotive Mechatronics Design and Engineering, Germany
June 1998 ACM-SIGGRAPH Workshop on Implicit Surfaces, Seattle, Washington
1998 31st ISATA, Dusseldorf, Germany
1998 Computer Graphics International 98, Hanover, Germany
1998 CSG98 Set Theoretic Solid Modelling: Techniques and Applications, UK
May-97 GVU TeamCAD Workshop, Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta,Georgia
1997 IEEE International Conference on Shape Modeling and Applications, Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan
1996 Eurographics/ACM-SIGGRAPH Workshop on Implicit Surfaces, Netherlands, October
1996 CSG96 Set Theoretic Solid Modelling: Techniques and Applications, Winchester, UK
1998 -- PhD Thesis Committee, Fang Lixing (Advisor: Y.T. Lee), Computer Science, University of Singapore, Singapore
1997 PhD Thesis Committee, D. Kang (Advisor: Q. J. Ge), Mechanical Engineering, SUNY, Stony Brook, Graduated
1997 PhD Thesis Committee, T. Dani (Advisor: R. Gadh), Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison
1996 Visisting Professor, Computer Science, University of Berne, Berne, Switzerland
1996 -- Adjunct Professor, Manufacturing Engineering, Polytechnic University (formerly the Polytechnic Institute of New York), New York
1996 MS Thesis Committee, J. Guo (Advisor: B. Guo), York University, Toronto, Canada
1996- PhD Thesis Committee, Chu-Fei Chang (Advisor: A. Varshney), Computer Science, SUNY, Stony Brook
1996-97 PhD Thesis Committee, K. Starcher (Advisor: A. Varshney), Computer Science, SUNY, Stony Brook
1995 -- -- Industrial Advisory Board, Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin
Grants and Panels
9/98-8/01 Co-Principal Investigator, "Kinematics Driven Geometric Modeling for Virtual Design and Manufacturing",NSF Grant DMI 9800690, Prof. Qiadoe Jeff Ge and Prof. Amitabh Varshney (SUNY, Stony Brook), (approx. $300K)
1997 NSERC (National Sciences and Engineering Research Council), Review Panel, Canada
Professional Organizations
1995 Regional Council of Technical Societies (RCTS)
1993 -- Several IBM Committees
1992- American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME)
1992- Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)
1992- Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
1994-96 Chairman, Computers in Engineering technical chapter, ASME Westchester Section
1994-96 Executive Planning Committee, ASME Westchester Section